Have a Foundation

I see a lot of Christians out there that are Christians because their parents were.  Just like I see a lot of people out there that are Republican or Democrat or whatever just because their Parents were.  Now I have nothing against parents teaching kids their own values.  But I do have a problem with fully grown men and women who can’t think for themselves. 

Your Faith in God is not something that should be there because it’s been handed from generation to generation.  It should be there because it’s what you believe.  And then if you believe it, you should have a good foundation on why you believe it.  Not just because you were told to or it just sounds nice.

My foundation is the Bible.  It is what teaches me about God and I believe it to be the word of God.  I don’t take 100% of it literally; I believe the Bible has a lot of good Science, and advice and stories.  I believe 100% of what’s in it, but remember, whenever you read anything in the Bible there is a lot more to look for than just the words.  But we’ll get more into that in another entry.

The biggest part of my personal foundation, is the fact that God created me and all that is around me.  A lot of people try to adapt human ideas to this (evolution) and well, good for them.  If they want to go ahead and believe that God created us in this other form, then they have every right to.  I believe they are wrong and I believe they will have to answer to God for it.  But that’s for them and God to worry about, not me.  I will stick to the God created me about 6,000 years ago idea, because it makes sense to me and it also happens to be what the Bible tells me.

We can go around preaching all we want and praying and doing all that good stuff, but without a good foundation, our faith will go down faster than the twin towers. 




~ by STUFF on October 19, 2009.

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