Not so Difficult : Not so Easy

Being a Christian is not so difficult.  But it’s not so easy either.

Not so Difficult:

A lot of Christians have it in their head that they have to be just like Jesus.  They have to be saints.  And that’s just never going to happen.  We are humans, humans that make mistakes and sin.  There is no way around it.  The sooner you learn to accept that, the sooner you can start having a better relationship with God.

You see, if we could be saints then there wouldn’t be a need for Jesus in the first place and well we wouldn’t be Christians.  We are all sinners and God will see us as sinners.  The difference between Christian sinners and regular sinners is that when God looks at the Christian sinner, he sees someone who accepted his gift, his sacrifice and he no longer sees a sinner, he sees a Saint.

You are still a sinner, you will still make some really messed up things in your life.  But as long as you truly believe in the sacrifice he made for you, he will see you as a Saint.

Now notice, I’m not saying that because you believe in the sacrifice and have accepted it you can go and do whatever bad things you want.  I personally don’t think that there is any way to truly believe it and accept it and still want to do bad.  We do bad every day but it’s not because we want to.  If you do bad because you want to then obviously you haven’t truly understood the sacrifice and you sure as hell haven’t accepted it.  You can say “Oh lord Jesus I accept you as my lord and savior” all you want, it’s not going to do jack until you actually accept it in your heart, not just say the words.

Once you have accepted this gift, quit worrying so much about everything you do.  If you do something that feels wrong, then try to not do it.  You are a trinity just like God.  You have Body, Soul and Spirit.  All 3 parts work together and even though your body may be telling you “do this” your spirit will tell you “no do this” (spirit just wants to be back with God, wants to feel God) and your soul in the end will feel different depending on what you do.  So if something feels wrong, then it most probably is.

But you will always do things that feel wrong.  You can’t help it.  Lucky for you you accepted Gods gift.  So God still see’s you as a Saint.  So don’t worry about it, don’t be going to the front of the church to have some people who also do as bad as you pray for you.  Just keep trying to not do those things.  Keep your faith going.  It’s like a diet, you will fail a lot.  At times you’ll eat cake for weeks and not care.  But eventually you realize you really  need to get back to the diet.

You could go to the front of the church and ask for forgiveness if you want.  But there is no need to do that.  Your salvation is not a limited offer deal.  If you truly believe and truly accept it, then you are good.  Just get up and keep trying.

Not so Easy

I already wrote a ton about not so difficult.  So I’ll try to keep this one short.

A big problem I have with a lot of Christians is that they preach about how nice life will be with Jesus.  He will take good care of you and he’ll provide and bla bla “>bla bla.

Now I do not disagree that he’ll provide.  He does.  But one thing a lot of Christians need to get in their heads is that not everything will be nice and charming.  This is something that specially new Christians need to understand.  Because it seems like a lot of people become Christians not because of the Sacrifice God made for us but because they are told they’ll have better lives.

First of all, if you became a Christian because you are hoping your life will be better and not exactly because you believe the whole sacrifice thing, then you are not a Christian, you are just another person in a Church.

Christians don’t get it easier than anyone.  We still have to work and we still have to pay bills and if we don’t pay them then our services get shut off.  If we don’t pay rent we still end up on the streets.  Does this mean God has abandoned us?  No, it means we didn’t pay Rent.

True, a church is a great place to get help when needed, or it should be anyway.  So that can be a great resource for Christians, but we need to understand that if things are shitty in our lives then it’s probably because we are humans and as they say, shit happens.  Even if you are a Christian, shit will happen.  People you love will suffer and die just like for everyone else.  You will starve if you can’t buy food because you got laid off.  You will see tons of people who are not Christians get better jobs than you.   Is God punishing you?  No.  Well “how come this person got a better job than me?  I’ve been praying for it for so long!” Well that person most probably lied and was heartless enough to get that promotion.  That is the sad truth of a lot of businesses.

Well then if my life is not going to be any easier what’s the point?  If I may end up not getting promoted because I’m not heartless then what’s the benefit?

Well, even though a Church can be a great resource for help when in need, the idea is not about making our lives here better.  It’s about our eternal salvation.

As for the Job, if they wanted someone heartless than that was probably not the promotion you want or need.  God probably has something else for you.  Because God does want to give us blessings.  But we have to work for them.  They will not just come out of nowhere and they will come at his time, not when you want them.  And also what counts as a Blessing for God may not be what you think of as a Blessing.  You may see it as a curse.



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  1. Wow I really failed at keeping either of those short 😦

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