Free Will

Ok I think I should be able to keep this one short.  If I can’t then I’m just going to give up on telling you I’m keeping it short.

Free Will.  A great Gift from God.  The right for us to make up our own decisions.

A lot of times when we tell people “God has a plan with you” they bring up the question of  “is God controlling me?  I thought I had free will”.

God knows every decision you will ever make since before you are born.  And because he knows all those decisions he can go ahead and make a plan based on those decisions that you will take.  He may put things in your way to guide you to wherever he wants you to go, but in the end it is your decisions that make it.

For example.  It’s your birthday and some of us are trying to plan you a surprise birthday party.  But you are on your way home early and the people in your house trying to plan the party need some extra time.  If I know that you’ve been dying to watch a certain movie then I could invite you to watch it.  You would most probably accept and just like that I’ve managed to guide you into my plan.

Does this mean I controlled you?  In a way I guess you could argue that but in reality the choice was 100% yours.

So God has given us the right to choose.  Only catch is knowing that we will be judged one day.  By him.

So, my big question to a lot of Christians is, if God has given us the right to choose, why are we trying to take that right away from people?

We like to Judge people a lot.  And not only do we judge them we punish them.

We don’t want to socialize with these people because they do this one thing that we feel is wrong, or we keep this guy away from us because he’s gay or we can’t let this guy in because he dresses funny.

Remember we are here to love people, not be so intolerant!



~ by STUFF on October 23, 2009.

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